Before Yeezus was born, before either the Nike or AdidasYeezy line or any of his high fashion clothing, Kanye West had a fashion label called Pastelle. This was during the Graduation era, so everything still has bright colors and isn’t nearly as minimal as ‘Ye’s current aesthetic. The collection never came out, with Kanye West not feeling it was ready for consumption.

Pastelle may finally be getting a release, albeit not directly from Kanye. Last week Ian Connor was tweeting about Pastelle, and this week he more or less confirmed that Kanye has gifted the unreleased label to Ian Connor. The A$AP Mob affiliate posted a video to Instagram showing him scrolling through different Pastelle designs with the caption “Kanyes Gift To Me.” He posted another photo wearing an old Pastelle shirt with the caption “PASTELLE Spring/Summer 1?”