Given how many outlandish statements and questionable manoeuvers have emerged from the Kanye West camp of late, it's become all too easy to forget about his immensely stacked musical repertoire. Though some have deemed it simply too hard to champion the legendary artist given his political views and unfiltered hot takes, stepping away from the antics and focusing on his artistic output really helps puts his legacy in perspective. In fact, it's something that Kanye himself seldom flexes, though he certainly possesses the discography to do so. 

Kanye West

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Yet every so often, a reminder must be issued -- a fact not lost on Kanye West, who recently sat down for an extensive conversation with Nick Cannon. And while much ground is covered, including Kanye's notorious presidential campaign, his beef with Forbes, and his desire to purchases all the paparazzi outlets, one of the most interesting moments arises during a seemingly throwaway comment. After Nick Cannon reflects that "Can I Live" was his best record, co-producer Kanye shrugs with a smile. "Well, most people's records co-produced by Kanye West usually are their best record." A major flex from the superproducer, and one that's not exactly easy to argue.

Strangely, Kanye's arrogance in the realm of music doesn't ring quite so abrasive -- perhaps it's because he so seldom reflects on his production, often preferring to tackle societal issues and racial dynamics on a wider scale. For the rap fans still waving his banner with pride, however, Kanye's comments are nothing short of well-earned. We can only hope that he continues to look back on his musical accomplishments, as the stories he's amassed over the years would be most welcome. 

Check out the brief but telling flex around the thirty-three-minute mark.