Kanye West is continuously leading himself down the dimmest of passageways in order to harvest his truth. The last "meeting of the minds" to occur between Kanye and another willing participant, took place at ESPN headquarters. There, Kanye West arranged to meet the patriarch of the Big Baller Brand, the one and only LaVar Christopher Ball. 

What do these men share as common traits? 

For starters, they both built their media empires by focusing one medium to start. They also talk a lot of sh*t that rarely goes unreported. On top of that, they've both made thinly-veiled attempts at philanthropy that were questioned right from the onset, Kanye with his prefab social housing initiative, and Ball with the JBA, which he markets as a compensated alternative to NCAA basketball.

It didn't take long for pictures of their encounter to surface on the net, most of which Kanye willfully reposted on his Twitter page. Kanye even reposted a short documentary lauding LaMelo as the face of his father's revolutionary developmental project, support that must count for something if only fleetingly.

As USA Today points out, LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand Twitter account currently has more followers than the NBA’s official page; I've checked it's true. Kanye West's Twitter currently stands at 28.7 million follows, of which only 40 get a "like" back.