There's a lot of things going on in the world of Kanye West and he isn't slowing down with his political endeavors. As he attempts to get on the presidential ballot in various states, he's lost his bid to qualify in Missouri and Wyoming, though it appears he had enough support in Tennessee for November's ballot. Tennessee is the eighth state where 'Ye was able to register as a candidate, though it should be noted he needed far fewer signatures in those states that many others.

Kanye West's efforts to get on the ballot in Missouri failed due to an insufficient amount of signatures. Out of the required 10,000, Kanye only had 6,557 that were deemed valid. In Wyoming, the state where he seemingly calls home, he missed the deadline to hand in 4,025 signatures needed to make the ballot. Apparently, Kanye didn't submit any signatures at all. 

Despite this, Kanye still has a few other states where one can cast their vote for him including Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Vermont. As Forbes points out, there are no chances of him, statistically speaking, winning the 270 seats necessary to become president because he fumbled on the deadline in key states. Even still, the rapper is currently working hard to make the ballot in Arizona, a key swing state in the presidential election.

We'll keep you updated on any more Kanye West news.