Just yesterday Kanye West was tweeting about Drake and how the Toronto rapper needs to stop following his "fucking wife on Instagram." The excessive tweets were another chapter in Ye's unveiling of the issues he had with Drake from earlier in the year. "I’ve never mentioned or touched on anything related to family when it came to Drake😈 he followed my wife on Instagram he mentioned Pusha’s fiancé in a song," Ye tweeted

Now that the new year is upon us, it seems as though Kanye is on a new wave and one of his resolutions is to turn past drama and conflict into nothing but positive vibes. "I love Drake 2019 we will all heal," the "No Mistakes" rapper shared on Twitter.

Along with a bunch of re-tweets from fans sharing how much they appreciate Ye as an artist, he also dropped off a few more statements about his political stance. 

"They will not program me," he added, detailing how "Blacks are 90% Democrats."

Drake has seemingly yet to respond to the Kanye's statements and honestly, we're not so sure he will. All in all, Kanye's still spilling his thoughts on Twitter with no signs of slowing down. The stroke of midnight only changed his peace with Drake, but the Trump love is still fully there.