This has been an incredibly weird year for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps one of the more bizarre stories this year is the fact that Kanye West decided to run for President of the United States. Ye has been very serious about his campaign, even if it hasn't resulted in many rallies. Regardless, West continues to tout his political aspirations and has been attempting to get on every ballot in the country, ahead of the November 3rd Presidential election. Unfortunately for the artist, West has been left off of a handful of state ballots, meaning his chances of winning anything are incredibly low.

Despite this, some eager fans and friends have been writing in Kanye's name on the ballot. While taking to Twitter, Kanye even showed off one of these ballots, which clearly says Kanye West written in pen, at the bottom. Needless to say, nothing is stopping Kanye supporters from casting a vote for him.

While Kanye was happy about this development, many political enthusiasts were upset with the ordeal. In the eyes of many voters, a vote for Kanye is helping Donald Trump siphon voters away from Joe Biden. This is an election with big consequences for the country, with many feeling as though Kanye is more of a "useful idiot" for the Trump campaign, than a viable Presidential candidate. For instance, one Twitter user said "voting for kanye is like walking up to a roulette table and betting on blue," while another said "Seriously unfollow me if you’re going to waste your vote on Kanye bc you think it’ll be “funny”. You’re an idiot and don’t even deserve the fucken privilege. Ppls entire livelihoods are at stake and you want to vote for another dumbass?? Fuck outta here."

You can see the full extent of what people had to say, below.