One of the greatest parts of Twitter's history has been Kanye West's streams of consciousness. Ever since joining the social media giant, Kanye has been sharing his ideas on a wide scale, tweeting in spurts about whatever he so well pleases. Ranging from calling out Jimmy Kimmel to announcing tentative album names for The Life of Pablo, Ye will go down as one of the greatest to use Twitter to its full capacity. Returning to social media last week, West's use of the app had been tame, sharing some photos of a likely upcoming Yeezy 1050 boot, as well as some neck tattoos that Gosha Rubchinskiy designed for him. We've now gotten our first semi-rant since he has returned to Twitter, marking a special occasion.

While it is not as long as one of his classic streams of consciousness, Kanye went public about his thoughts on creativity and distractions, sending out five consecutive posts on the matter. The Chicago artist started off, "As a creative your ideas are your strongest form of currency," before noting that your ability should be protected "at all costs." Hinting at a possible writer's block, Ye wrote "Distraction is the enemy of vision," before giving people advice on keeping creative control during contractual negotiations. Ending with a vague post, Kanye has many fans enamored by his seemingly never-ending wisdom, noting, "Sometimes you have to get rid of everything."

The Yeezus rapper is bound to continue his thoughts later but, for now, we're left to think about our own creative processes by way of Kanye. Welcome back to the Twitterverse, Ye. We missed you.