It feels like every week, we can expect Kanye West to change something about his appearance. Usually, you can bank on him trying out an obscure hair color or chopping off his locks altogether. Throughout his career, Kanye has sported a clean buzzcut but recently, he grew out his hair a touch and has experimented with different looks. His latest decision may have been styled after googling a few images of snowcones because the top of Ye's dome is a rainbow dream.

Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

On his way to the Yeezy office, paparazzi photographers managed to snap a few photos of the multi-platinum recording artist with a new hairstyle. This time, he transitioned to a full-on rainbow look, dyeing his locks in a variety of colors. It likely took a while to pull this off given how many tones are present. The back of his head starts with purple before gradually turning green, yellow, blue and more. If you look at him from the front, pink is the predominant shade on his head. His hair was styled by Daniel Moon from HAIR Los Angeles, who has been doing many of Ye's recent looks.

Fans have already started to joke about the new look with one Instagram commenter kidding that it was styled by Stevie Wonder. Personally, I find it cool that Kanye continues to find new ways to express himself. He's turned his hair into sort of a painting over the last few months, using the canvas to try out a few different colors to match his mood.