Kanye West is one of the most talented musicians, designers, and performers of all time. The man knows what he's good at and he never takes no for an answer. People have tried to stop him from breaking into the fashion world and look where he is now... on top of the industry. Yeezy has been ultra-successful in the last few years, turning things around after he was admittedly in debt a while ago. Many have followed in his footsteps to create some of the most original artist merch. Travis Scott has been building an empire off of Astroworld gear. Kanye is still at the top of the merch game though, introducing a few new styles to Yeezy Supply today.

Many of us rushed over to cop the Yeezy 500 in a "Salt" colorway but when we arrived, an unfamiliar sight graced us. Kanye had surprisingly added a few new designs to the website, introducing some new Wyoming gear to the table. The three new sweatshirts were designed by Wes Lang. One of them was prominently worn by Kanye as he rolled out Ye and the other two are full of the fluorescent yellow shades the artist has been rocking for months. 

The designs are listed for $150. Check them out here and let us know your favorite.