Kanye West has made his admiration of the late XXXTentacion known in recent months. While the rapper never quite held it down during X's life, he's certainly doing his part now that he's gone. Some raise eyebrows in response, others dole out the ol' "better late than never" idiom. In any case, Yeezy's respect has ultimately led to him being as the lone guest appearance on X's upcoming Skins, a high honor to be sure. The tracklist indicates that Kanye will be holding it down on "One Minute," a song which has been previewed in piecemeal; rock-tinged in nature, it seems like "One Minute" will find Ye turning in an impressive verse, while X pushes his vocals into "screamo" territory.

In honor of the collaboration, Ye has officially announced a three-piece capsule to celebrate "One Minute." The capsule will launch via Kanye's Yeezy brand, and premiere at the official Skins listening party tomorrow, at the RC Cola Plant in Miami. Apparently, the designs will be handled by JJ Villard, an Emmy award-winning designer. As of now, it's unclear whether the merch will arise as part of a limited edition run, or be made available to the widespread consumer.

Expect more news in the coming days. Reports indicate that Skins has already leaked, though as of now, the traditional Friday release date looks to remain intact.