Kanye West has probably been spotted so many times around his home stomping grounds of Calabasas that locals probably don't even freak out anymore. Being as his studio and luxurious mansion all reside in the same hood, where else is the man to go as he's working on Christian music as well as his upcoming Yandhi tape.  

The paparazzi caught up with Kanye outside his studio and was witness to Ye making a brave move of jaywalking right in front of the police. The cops just missed Ye and didn't seem to slow down or care too much, but the illegal move can usually bring on a steep ticket for any pedestrian that gets caught. 

It's been a minute since we've gotten any Twitter rants or viral comments made by Kanye, but that's all about to change once his interview with David Letterman airs on Netflix for My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. 

We previously posted the evidence that Ye will be a guest on the show for the second season and while there is yet to be a premiere date, it's easily something to look forward to.