Kanye West's brigade on Twitter continues, and while many have found themselves standing behind him on the topic of music industry corruption, that's not to say the majority of his statements earn the same treatment. For the most part, Kanye remains unabashedly himself at all times, which means the hot takes and occasionally problematic declarations will continue to be issued accordingly.

Kanye West Suge Knight



By now, it's no secret that Yeezy has been championing for the release of Bill Cosby, a stance that drew criticism from many of his followers. Today, in the midst of his latest ongoing spree, Kanye opted to stand behind the release of another notorious figure -- the Death Row mogul himself, Suge Knight. As you might know, Suge is currently serving a twenty-eight-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter, a charge he caught during a fatal hit and run on the set of 2015 NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton. 

Now, it's unclear as to why Kanye West would be standing up in favor of Suge Knight's release at this point, though attempting to rationalize some of his whims feels as futile as ever. It's likely that should he be pressed to explain further, Kanye would manage to spin a yarn and a half on the topic of Suge's release. As of now, that moment has yet to come. Check out his simple yet straightforward statement below, and sound off -- is Kanye out of line with his l?