We've all been anticipating Yeezy Season 2, Kanye West's second collection with adidas, which debuted, like, five minutes ago at New York Fashion Week. 

The collection stays in line with what we saw from his first season with adidas, and once again, he debuted a new record live during the show. Back when Yeezy Season 1 was unveiled, Kanye debuted "Wolves" along with the line-- while we don't know the title of this song just yet, it's pretty dope.

From what we've heard of the song (assuming this is the full/complete song), there isn't a lot of rapping, although Kanye offers up a few lines at the beginning (which might be reference vocals?). It's mainly an instrumental with a heavy bassline and a soul sample that's oh-so-Kanye. The drums are actually a bit reminiscent of Watch The Throne's "No Church In The Wild," but the similarities stop there. The record also seems to have additional vocals from Ty Dolla $ign-- and apparently Post Malone is in there too, although we'll let you try to figure out where exactly. The fast-rising rapper just tweeted that "the song is Ye, Ty, and me."

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think. We'll update you once we have more information on the song/whether or not it's attached to SWISH.

[via MissInfo]