A lot can happen in a matter of weeks, let alone days. On Friday, Kanye West was taking to Twitter to preview a glimpse at his upcoming Yeezy x Gap line, which appears to be heavy on the neon. Now, the fallout of Sunday night's presidential rally, which found Kanye West vying to make his "Birthday Party" a legitimate political contender, a new twist has ultimately tossed a wrench into an otherwise promising deal.

Kanye West Gap Yeezy

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

According to CNN, Kanye West vented his frustrations with both Gap and Adidas, citing a concern that he wasn't on either company's board. "That has to change today or I walk away," he claimed, a threat that clearly resonated. Apparently, Gap's stock fell 6% following Ye's comment, proof that even at his most unpredictable his words still hold sway.

It should be noted that Gap and Yeezy connected at the end of June, a partnership that sparked a 19% increase in Gap shares -- though CNN does not that over half of those gains have since been lost. At this point, it's unclear if Gap will acquiesce to Yeezy's demand for more power, but given the magnitude of everything he seems to do, it wouldn't be surprising to see them consider it. Are you optimistic that Kanye West and Gap's partnership will proceed as planned, or is this one destined to implode before long?