A recent article published by Forbes sent the public into a tailspin. The publication shared a piece by a Black journalist named Kori Hale titled "A Second Stimulus Check is Coming, Can the Black Community Wait?" and people took to social media to share their ire. Many thought it was unfair for Forbes to suggest that Black people were the main demographic benefitting from the federal government stimulus checks. The outlet didn't issue a stateement about the title, but they did respond by quietly changing the words "Black community" to "minority communities," a move that didn't go unnoticed.

Kanye West, Forbes, Nick Cannon
Pascal Le Segretain / Staff / Getty Images

This controversy comes days after Kanye West's full interview with Nick Cannon was shared online. During their hourslong chat, Ye mentioned Forbes and aired out his issues with the company. "Even Forbes exposed themselves," Kanye told Cannon. "I like, love—man, Forbes is some of my favorite White supremacists, man. They cold, bro. My most favorite White supremacists is Forbes, because I just gotta respect their gangster. They don't live in 2020. They act like it's 1800s still. Read the Forbes. It's crazy racist. Everytime they write stuff."

“Bloomberg was coming and they had an accurate net worth of $3.3 billion and Forbes purposely landed an article to dispute that and said, ‘Well, the way we counted is $1.3 and they dropped it at 5:05 or something right at the end of the week, Kanye added about the previous dispute over his net worth. "So, that would go into the weekend and that would be the story. It was confusion. They can just cause confusion." Check out Kanye West sharing his thoughts on Forbes around the 24-minute mark below along with responses to Forbes's recent article.