Kanye West may be praising Donald Trump, but he's definitely still upholding some left-wing views. The rapper showed love to Parkland school shooting survivor and gun control activist Emma González Saturday night, which lost him the support of MAGA as quickly as he gained it. "my hero Emma Gonzalez," he captioned a photo of González on Twitter, to which many Trump and Pepe avatar accounts responded with comments along the lines of "BOOOO." For the longtime fans who were horrified by the rapper supporting Trump, it was a small glimmer of hope for his politics.

Shortly after the tweet, González seemed to respond to Kanye with her own "hero" tweet, posting a photo of James Shaw Jr, the man who stopped the Waffle House shooter last week. Her lack of acknowledgment of Kanye was seen as an intentional slight by some fans. It's unclear if that is the case, but given González' opposition to Trump, she's probably as confused and disappointed in Kanye's recent tweets as most of his left-wing fans.

Kanye later posted a photo of himself with a freshly shaved head, which he captioned "inspired by Emma." Seeing that he had grown his hair out as recently as Friday night when he took a photo with John Legend, it actually checks out.

This is not the first time Kanye has shown support for gun control. He attended the March For Our Lives rally in DC last month alongside Common, Vic Mensa, Kim Kardashian and his daughter North.