Never one to censor himself, or hold back how he feels, Kanye West recently went on a rant while performing in Atlantic City.  He dropped a semi freestyle, expressing his dismay for being held back as a rapper originally, and recently as a designer.  West then put the Grammys on blast for not nominating him in the past, and recently.  

After ranting in a freestyle of sorts, he switched over and addressed The Grammys nominations, and referenced how he was snubbed in the past, as a new artist, and for his work on Watch The Throne and Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, “I love Maroon 5, but when I lost for 'Best New Artist' to Maroon 5… Or when Watch The Throne and Dark Fantasy, neither of them got nominated for 'Album of the Year,' or when 'Niggas in Paris' didn’t get nominated for 'Record of the Year'… So don’t expect to see me at the Grammys this year, you nah mean?!”

Whether it's on stage, in interviews, or on Twitter, it's not rare to see the talented producer/rapper go on rants when he feels he was disrespected, as this seems to be the fuel the powers him and helps him continue to output groundbreaking music.

See Kanye's on-stage rant in full below.