If there's anything we can say about Kanye West, it's that he's always able to surprise us. The rapper has taken the world on a pretty wild ride these past few years as he's gone through different phases of his life. As controversial as he may be, he's equally as entertaining, which is why a movie about Kanye is guaranteed to be one of the most fascinating celebrity biopics ever. It's uncertain whether such a film will ever happen, but a certain comedian has revealed that, at one point, the notorious superstar had definitely given the idea some thought. Danny McBride, known for his roles in comedies like The Pineapple ExpressThe Foot Fist Way, and This Is The End and currently starring in the series, The Righteous Gemstones, told The Guardian on Tuesday that, not only has Kanye definitely considered making a movie about his life, he also wanted Danny to portray him onscreen.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

“Kanye asked me to play him in a movie of his life,” Danny revealed, laughing. “That was a pretty stunning phone call to get. I don’t know why he wanted me to do it. Maybe that sense of ego I’m able to portray? I have no clue.” It's definitely a valid question. While Danny may have the potential to embody the essence of Ye, there is the minor issue that Danny is absolutely a white person. Either Ye would have Danny playing the role in blackface, which would be an exceptionally controversial choice, or he planned to have the white comedian portray him as a white man, taking a kind of "colourblind" approach to his identity onscreen.

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Whatever Ye has in mind, Danny's definitely down to give it a shot. He even shared a story about Kanye flying down to visit Danny and his family, which included spending time with his seven-year-old son while he played Fortnite. “That was a pretty incredible day," Danny noted. "Maybe someday we’ll make the film. Who knows?”