Kanye West keeps making questionable moves, so when Alt-Right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones tweeted that 'Ye would appear on Info Wars, people believed him. For the record, Info Wars is a far-right/alt-right website that makes Trump's comments and policies look like child's play. Jones also stated that Candace Owens would appear alongside Kanye, which would have been one of the most controversial interviews of all time (even with everything surrounding 'Ye currently). Owens responded to his tweet, clarifying that she would not be on the show, but also defended the site against critics who trashed it when they heard 'Ye would be making an appearance. 

During the broadcast, 'Ye never showed up and Jones instead brought up Owens, West, and their interactions and recent controversy. It is unfortunate that alt-right leaders are now using West's name to gain viewers for faux interviews, but 'Ye opened himself up to the controversial methods of Info Wars the second he made comments on slavery and supported Donald Trump. 'Ye has flown back to Wyoming to finish up his albums, which are both due out this Summer. Hopefully, West can return to what he is good at, while avoiding making any more polarizing and questionable statements.