Kanye West has been on a tear when it comes to Twitter recently, as he constantly takes to the platform with some takes about how he sees the world. West's big gripe as of late has been with the music industry and how he feels like many of the deals artists are put through, are akin to slave labor. Kanye is actively trying to change the way artists are treated, which is certainly admirable. However, he has also gotten himself in trouble during these rants, especially recently when he said that Puma's sneaker designs were "embarrassingly trash."

Today, Kanye backtracked on his Puma comments as he took to Twitter, noting that he had just spoken to Kareem Biggs Burke about what he had said. In the tweet, Kanye acknowledges that he shouldn't have said anything bad about Puma and that he apologizes to Jay-Z for having offended anyone.

This is a big step for Kanye who has never been shy to rub people the wrong way. As the founder of his AdidasYeezy brand, Kanye has made waves in the sneaker industry which has ultimately turned him into a billionaire. With this in mind, it's not surprising he would take a big swipe at a large brand like Puma.