At this stage, Kanye West's Jesus Is King remains closer to fantasy than reality, prompting many of his loyal fans to look elsewhere for guidance. Of course, the enigmatic preacher is likely to galvanize his flock if and when the project does release, especially if he continues to cook up with his talented friend circle. Luckily, said circle happens to include legendary producer Swizz Beatz, who recently took the trip to Wyoming to put in some work. On the other hand, the more Kanye tinkers, the longer the process is likely to be. A double-edged sword, but arguably a good problem to have. 

"Me and my brother back at it, album mode," writes Swizzy, via Instagram." I think we made another classic but I'll let ya'll be the judge." Unfortunately, their handiwork has been strategically muted as to retain the element of surprise. Given that their chemistry has long yielded fire, like "So Appalled" and "Welcome 2 The Jungle," it stands to reason that history will repeat itself yet again. 

Given the liveliness of Ye's body language, one has to wonder if he'll be retaining the gospel vibe on this one. Though given the fact it's muted, perhaps he's simply feeling the Holy Spirit coursing through him in a violent fashion. Lest we forget, however, that it doesn't take much to unleash Kanye's hedonistic urges. What better way to open the floodgates than a Swizz Beatz "GODDAMMIT!!!!" Look for this one to surface soon, or not, who even knows at this point?