It's not Sunday, and that means that Chick-fil-A is open for business. Following his shout-out on Jesus Is King, Kanye West took a trip to his favorite Christian-owned fast food joint and he invited some of his friends.

"Dan and Bubba Cathy giving grace at Chick Fil A," wrote Ye on Twitter, sharing a video of the CEO and Senior Vice President of the restaurant singing grace in the middle of the spot. Imagine working minimum wage and witnessing this. While it would definitely be pretty amusing at first, having a bunch of billionaires singing as you prep their sandwiches can't exactly be the most pleasant feeling.

Then, Kanye upped the ante. He also brought along Steve Harvey, posting a picture of the Family Feud host inside the restaurant. 

"Me and Steve Harvey was hungry," he wrote in what will likely become a classic Ye tweet.

There's a lot to unpack here. Let's start with Bubba Cathy... what a name. Also, who knew that Kanye and Steve Harvey were friends? What could they be discussing? The presence of the highest-ranking officials at Chick-fil-A also begs the question, does Yeezy have a collaboration in the works with the fast-food chain? 

This week, the legendary recording artist announced that he intends to work on something called "Jesus Tok," a Christian-monitored alternative to TikTok. While he may want to tweak the name, we're sure that, like all of his other business ventures, it would be a success.