The California wildfire is seemingly not slowing down as many families have evacuated their homes while some have already lost their property such as Caitlyn Jenner, whose Malibu home has reportedly burnt down. We previously posted on Kim and Kanye who had one hour to evacuate their home and new reports from TMZ  detail how they did so right on time since flames are inching closer to their property. 

The publication details how their mansion (that was completed this year) is in danger of being consumed by the fire as flames are now on the large property. As we write this, the latest reports say that although the flames are present, they have yet to reach the main house. 

CNN reports that five people have since been killed from the wildfire as more than 2,200 firefighters fight to battle it down.

"Thank you for everyone’s prayers. Our family is safe and close," Kanye tweeted.