It's a wrap on the 16th season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and to celebrate, Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian joined their family and friends for a skating rink party. Everyone showed up in casual attire with their roller skates ready—that is, everyone except for Yeezy who decided to ride around on his longboard. The reality TV mom shared clips of the family's relaxing Monday evening, including sister Kourtney who photobombed one of Kim's shots of Kanye. There was even footage of 'Ye and Kim holding hands and enjoying their time together sans kids as she helped him navigate turning the corners.

In addition to filming reality shows, making appearances, working on new music, traveling worldwide, running boutiques, balancing endorsement deals, and just being parents, this busy couple is also preparing for the birth of their fourth child. Even with a heavy workload, Kim is helping those in need, especially those affected by the prison reform act that she fought so diligently for. 

Recently, a man named Matthew Charles was released from prison following a 20 stint behind bars. He was initially sentenced to 35 years for drug and weapons charges, but upon reviewing his case, Charles was set free. However, he found it difficult to find housing because of his record. When Kim read about Charles' plight she made a pledge to find him a place to live and pay his rent for five years while he saves his money to afford to buy a home of his own.