As we've seen with Kanye West related news stories -- especially recently -- things often get blown out of proportion. The latest headline being circulated is that he and Kim Kardashian were booed at a Lanvin show during Paris fashion week.

Some footage of the show has emerged, and while the booing seems pretty minimal from this particular video (it almost seems like it may just be one guy), Kanye does address the photographers' negative reaction to he and Kim's arrival, allegedly because they were assumed to have entered the event 40 minutes late.

"[Lanvin designer] Alber [Elbaz] asked to see us. Don't boo us," he said, clarifying that they were not simply strolling in at their own leisure. "We're not late, we're not late!"

It seems the couple enjoyed the show with no further issues following the minor misunderstanding. This is the second strange occurrence they've had in Paris during the prestigious fashion event, with Kim being attacked by a Ukrainian prankster while walking through a crowded street just yesterday. Kim and Ye have stepped up their security following the incident.

Watch Kanye address the photographers below.