Kanye West famously rapped, "Closed on Sunday/ You're my Chick-Fil-A" but it appears that he fancies KFC above all and that shouldn't be shocking.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West paid a visit to Jean-Paul Gaultier, a high-end fashion designer, where she was seen rocking a bodysuit at the France office. In typical Kim Kardashian fashion, she took a few photos and strutted her stuff while Kanye was presumably kicking it. Kim hit the 'Gram sharing photos of herself rocking the bodysuit before sharing a video of herself and Kanye at a KFC somewhere in France. Business wasn't done, though. Kim and Kanye shared a photo of themselves back at the office while she poses for mirror selfie and Kanye chows down. Perhaps this is their way of trying to say "we're not all that different after all."

It doesn't appear that there were any Chick-Fil-A's or Popeye's available seeing as how he was overseas but his love for KFC has been documented in the past. On "Touch The Sky," the rapper previously recounted eating at KFC with his dates before he ever ran into large amounts of money in his music career. "Before anybody wanted K. West beats/ Me and my girl split the buffet at KFC," he rapped. Apparently, his love for KFC is unconditional, even when everyone wants a K. West beat.