We've reported on Kim Kardashian's limited excursions out in public since the Paris robbery as well as Kanye West's breakdown, and we've also seen Kanye West out in public a handful of times since his hospitalization, however we haven't seen the couple together.

The other night the two had a date night, heading to Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, where they reportedly dined for around an hour. The paparazzi caught flicks of the couple, and as you can see below, Kim Kardashian is keeping up a minimal (for her) look, apart from a fur coat, she donned a make-up-less look and no opulent jewelry. Kanye West, for his part, still has some blonde hair atop his head, although he looks a bit tired and even hollow, judging from his eyes.

There have been rumors that the two were headed for divorce, but they've been denied by a close family friend.