Kanye West may have taken a "minimalist" approach to his new album Yeezus, but the term does not apply to his $11 million dollar home with Kim Kardashian. Never one to shy away from luxurious purchases, the newest addition of excess to the couple's abode comes in the form of some gold-plated toilets.

The four shiny thrones will run the power couple close to 750k, and that won't be the only gigantic purchase for Ye and Kim in the next little while. Yeezy has also recently ordered a Swarovski-encrusted fridge freezer, as well as 6 special-edition beds to decorate his mansion, valued at 174,000 a piece.

As absurd as dropping close to a million dollars on toilets may seem, it's only makes sense that Ye would not sit on anything unfit for a God.