It looks like Kanye & Kim are having second thoughts on purchasing the $14 million dollar condo they wanted on Miami Beach. Sources told TMZ that the power couple have pulled out of the condo deal, citing they wanted a piece of property that's more private and secluded for their family.

Instead of the Miami Beach area, sources say Kanye and Kim are now looking at real estate in the Bahamas and other tropical destinations. They reportedly want something the whole family can stay and enjoy at.

However, changing your mind on a $14 million dollar condo deal doesn’t come free. The couple will lose out on their $600,000 down payment. While they were photographed on the condo’s balcony back in early January following their plans to purchase it, the couple realized the place wouldn't be right for them, because it lacked the privacy they seek.

We'll continue to keep you posted on their next home purchase moving forward.