Fear not, for these ghosts are benevolent in nature. It's no surprise that many fans have come to accept this haunting with open arms. It's a far cry from the chilly response toward Yeezy of three weeks ago, in which the controversial Ye auteur seemed to possess a reverse Midas touch. Yet the fact remains, Ye has always been more eloquent behind a mic, expressing his ideas with a fluidity not often seen during his tenure as an aspiring "free thinker." 

A jaunt through the internet's ether has yielded many interesting results; it feels as if Kids See Ghosts has continued the loose narrative yet out by last week's Ye, or even Daytona before that. The birth of a Kanye West sonic universe, as it were. In order to gauge the first impressions, we took to both the HNHH comment section and the strangers that make out the Twittersphere. In generally, both parties forged a united front. Granted, not everyone was convinced, and the project was not without fault in the eyes of the public.

Check out some of the most memorable reactions below, and sound off below with your own initial thoughts.