Kanye West and Joe Rogan came through with the podcast of a lifetime today as they sat down for three hours to talk about everything from running for President to making music to his support for the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Fans have been waiting for this interview for a very long time, so it is absolutely no surprise that people have flocked to YouTube in massive numbers just to see what Ye has to say about everything that has been happening.

In fact, the podcast has reached over 300,000 views in just one hour, and considering YouTube tends to be slow with their analytics, it's probably somewhere above 500,000 views. With so many people watching the interview, it's no surprise that reactions have started to pour in on social media, with fans and celebrities expressing a multitude of viewpoints on what they've been witnessing.

"I feel like kanye is an extremely powerful and pure being (🐉) and escaped a really dark scene (high level music) and is currently finding himself and working through a lot of different symbols and ideology that he feels the pure energy in and hasnt quite figured himself out yet!" one Twitter user said.

Not everyone took such a positive approach with Kanye, as Twitter user @samjrhernandez said "It’s so hard listening to Kanye believe his most mundane thoughts are somehow unique or revolutionary." This sentiment was echoed by @JDUBG who claimed "Kanye brain moves at an absurdly un-healthy level. It's like speed ball of jumbled consciousness." Michael Rapaport and Adam 22 expressed frustrations with the interview as they felt West wasn't letting Rogan speak, all while coming off as erratic. Needless to say, the views so far are mixed.

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