Those in tune with Watch The Throne lore are likely familiar with the fabled "Living So Italian," which ultimately remained on the cutting room floor due to sample clearance issues. The track, which featured a sample of Andrea Boceli's "Por Ti Volare" was originally premiered at a listeneing party, only to become legend amidst its "cancellation." At the time, producer Karlyle spoke about the track, revealing the sample he actually borrowed from in the process. Aside from that, however, "Living So Italian" faded beyond grasp, reserving a place on the shelf alongside Detox.  

Interview with Karlyle, Producer of "Living So Italian"

Until now, that is. A user on Reddit's r/hiphopheads came in possession of a "Living So Italian" snippet, which swiftly entered digital circulation. While we can't share the track itself, it was indeed confirmed via Hypebeast, who shared a link to the unreleased track. Interestingly enough, it appears to feature Jay-Z's verse from "FuckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt" which isn't surprising given the subject matter. References to DeNiro, Pacino, Lucky Luciano, and a derogatory Italian term all seem right at home over the lavish, grandiose instrumental. In fact, it's sad that we never got a Watch The Throne Around The World album, as trips Paris and Italy seemed to spark creative inspiration. 

The sleuths among you will likely have little trouble tracking down the legendary "Throne" cut, and should you have already heard it, sound off in the comment section. Do you wish this would have arrived in CDQ? 


Larry Busacca/Getty Images