There's been whispers of this happening over the past few weeks, but it finally looks like the Kanye West and Jay Z feud might be coming to an end soon. According to TMZ, the two moguls are planning on meeting face-to-face soon to squash their beef.

Sources close to the two told TMZ that their lawyers have been trying to settle a $3.5 million dispute Kanye has with Tidal. As previously reported, Kanye sent a letter to Tidal earlier this year stating his contract with them was over because they didn't live up to their end of the deal. Specifically, Kanye says he didn't get advances and bonuses that totaled $3.5 million dollars.

TMZ reports the Kanye and Jay have not agreed to settle because they both have animosity towards each other. Jay was furious when Kanye called out Beyonce and Blue Ivy at his concert last October, whereas Kanye felt Jay should have cut him a break because that was the time he was melting down and his wife had been recently robbed at gunpoint. Apparently, none of this comes from a financial stance as $3.5 million isn't much to either of them. It’s all a respect and pride thing amongst the Watch The Throne brothers.

As the source told TMZ, "The Generals [Kanye and Jay] have to meet face-to-face. When that happens, the resolving the money dispute is a piece of cake." 

Kanye is reportedly up for the meeting as previously reported and Jay is also inclined to meet. It shouldn't be hard to make happen either since Jay lives in the Bel-Air mansion and the two now live right down the street for one another.

TMZ also say the meeting should be going down soon, and when it does all the money & Tidal disputes will be fixed at that time. Hopefully it happens within the coming weeks. We need these two back together for the betterment of the culture.

We'll continue to keep you posted on any further developments moving forward. In the meantime, revisit some of Kanye's most essential records of his career while you wait for his upcoming album.