Last night's album listening party for Kanye West's brand new project ye was extremely eventful. As fans were subjected to viewing a close-up video of a fire burning with horses in the background for over an hour, the fun finally started as the party gathered around the flames when the music began. With nearly everybody who is somebody in the music industry attending the affair last night, there was still very little known about the album. Until it dropped on streaming services this morning, it was unclear if the name was "ye," "Wyoming," "Love Everyone," or even the proposed "Turbo Grafx 16" from years ago. With all of his friends making their way to Jackson Hole, Ye's former manager Scooter Braun also came out, spending much of his time with Kanye as reported by TMZ.

The media publication is stating that the two spent a lot of time together at the listening party and, while Kanye was the man of the hour, he still managed to get some conversations in with his most important guests. You'll recall Yeezy stating that he "can't be managed" before confirming his split with Scooter Braun, who took over management duties for Kanye a few years ago. Although the extent of their current working relationship is unclear, TMZ affirms that Scooter is still very much a part of Ye's business decisionmaking. 

Referring to him as a "young David Geffen," Ye has high praise for Scooter and the two have proven to work well together. Check out a photo of them from last night here.