Kanye West announced that he would be taking a step back from politics after realizing he was being used to propagate ideas that weren't his and that didn't represent his actual beliefs. Candance Owens' politically-fuelled fashion apparel was tied to this announcement as Ye's name was attached to her project against his desires. After issuing an apology to both Kanye West and the Trump administration for the misrepresented information, Candace reportedly claims that her relationship with the rapper is still positive and that her "Blexit" efforts have garnered great results.

Owens claims that the movement she is promoting with the apparel is growing strong, encouraging Black Americans to leave the Democratic Party. Apparently, the "Blexit" sales have been on the incline ever since the line was launched. Its creator claims that no refunds have been requested after Kanye West called her out publicly. She also says that thousands of emails have been pouring out to her in support of the cause.

Her words might be received with skepticism by some considering the apparent lies she told before this moment. The first one being that Kanye West had designed the "Blexit" logo followed by her claim that she had never said that he created the logo.