Kanye West loves showing off the 100-foot screen in his compound. The billionaire artist has been sharing videos of the screen for weeks, inviting artists over to show off the scope. SAINt JHN was thoroughly impressed, pondering whether he should plan his next music video release party there. Now, 2 Chainz is getting a good look at the screen, which has effectively allowed him to live out his hoop dreams.

Standing at 6'5", at the shooting guard position... 2 Chainz!!! 

The rapper was Kanye West's guest this week as they watched the first game of the NBA Finals together, using Ye's massive screen to enjoy the match-up between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. This is the perfect place to watch a basketball game. Unfortunately, Ye and Chainz were subjected to a very uncompetitive series kick-off, which the Lakers won definitively. However, they still had some fun fooling around, with Tity Boi pretending he was part of the LakeShow.

"Shittt I guess I’m sticking Bron," joked 2 Chainz on Instagram, sharing a video of himself begging for the ball as he stands near the 100-foot screen. If you weren't looking at the right spot, you could have missed the rapper. That's how big this screen is.

Kanye posted a similar video to Twitter, laughing over it and clearly having a good time.

How much would you pay to watch the game on Kanye's screen with your friends?