Kanye West has been putting his own neck on the line to revolutionize the music industry and the way that artists sign record label deals, album contracts, and more. During his fight for change, the 43-year-old multi-billionaire shared screenshots of all of his contracts, beginning a pattern of transparency throughout his social media footprint.

Along the way, some of his fellow artists have called him out as being hypocritical. Ma$e critiqued Kanye on Instagram by saying that much of what he was saying had already been discussed by those before him. 

"When I was saying it, the same system and mindset that you are fighting against today, used you to shame me for leaving the very same system," said Ma$e. "#Remember, your famous line 'Don’t leave when you hot'? I know today you may see it very differently so... You owe me (and my family) a public #apology and then some, if anyone owes you one. For alluding to the fact that me following God at the height of my career was a bad decision."

While Kanye didn't utter the words "I'm sorry," he did answer Ma$e's request with a kind message, calling him one of his favorite rappers ever.

"Ma$e is right about that line ... I always felt funny about that line," admitted Ye on Twitter. "Ma$e is one of my favorite rappers and I based a lot of my flows off of him ... I’m the king of 'ooh can I get away with this bars' so I reap what I sow when the next generation does the same to me."

Surprisingly enough, and given his history of rants, this was West's only tweet of the night.

Do you think this admission is enough for Ma$e?