If you follow the various TMZ coverage of Kanye West, you'll probably remember that time an aspiring rapper decided to run up on him and spit some bars. Kanye was surprisingly receptive to the attempt to get his attention, and the two exchanged information, but it wasn't clear if anything would actually ever come of the encounter. Well, it turns out that TMZ caught up with the rapper, who goes by Cameron Grey, and according to him, Ye did end up reaching out, and eventually linked the aspiring emcee up with Anthony Kilhoffer, a Grammy-winning producer and engineer Ye has worked with throughout his career, as well as some complimentary studio time.

Apparently, Grey is now getting ready to drop his debut album, Cocaine Ferrari, and has already shared the single, "Never Bout Us," which comes complete with a VR video. It's not clear if Kanye has played any direct part in any of his music, but rapping for Ye certainly was a good decision for his career. Revisit the original video of the two meeting for the first time below.