Kanye West tweets are so infamous, people literally frame them on their walls. The rapper's feed has been steady on the grind of making headlines for the unabashed claims it contains. Although the content varies, most of the social media activity that rises from the mass into the public's radar usually leans towards the controversial or even the negative, Ye often tweets about things and people he enjoys. His most recent shoutout goes to Ice Cube and Too Short.

Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Yeezy kept his acknowledgment short. He uploaded a screenshot of his streaming Ice Cube's "Ain't Got No Haters," which appears on his latest album Everythangs Corrupt. Kanye gives his props simply by stating Cube and Short's name, followed by two goat emojis. For those who might not know the lingo, this means Kanye is giving his (slightly) elders credits as some of the greatest to bless the game with their talents. The song selection might also represent Ye's current mood given...well, the past few years of criticism.

This positivity comes after another instance of public admiration by Akon who claims that Kanye doesn't get enough credit for his contributions to music. Showing love in this way is often overlooked, but that's that sh*t we like.