Kim Kardashian may need to hurry up and become a lawyer so she can have her husband's back in the reported case he's dealing with when it comes to his fashion line. According to The BlastJapanese fabric supplier Toki Sen-I Co. is fighting Kanye West's attempts at having their case against him thrown out over an unpaid bill of $624K.

The brand alleges that after working to produce materials for his sneaker line, Kanye didn't pay them but the "Runaway" music maker says the company didn't deliver the materials and that's why he didn't pay. The publication details how Toki Sen-I Co. is not only fighting to get thier money but they're also calling Kanye out for using his celebrity status to get what he wants and not pay for it. 

Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The fashion house says that when someone such as Kanye orders large quantities of material, they immediately start producing. They allege that Kanye may have used his power to defraud in the past and “even more worrisome, Defendants might use its celebrity status to deceive other fabric manufactures in the future.”

They want to case to continue and “punish the wealthy Defendants for their fraudulent and malicious behavior and to set an example to deter the Defendants and similar celebrity brands from using their status to defraud hardworking, innocent, and unexpecting vendors such as the Plaintiff.”

The case is ongoing.