Kanye West’s behavior over the last few months has been erratic, to say the least. This also applies to his interactions with the paparazzi who hound him every time he leaves the house. While at one point Kanye even came to blows with a pap (along with comparing them unfavorably to Nazis on “Flashing Lights”), he has recently softened his stance on this particularly invasive branch of the media. He recently broke up a fight between two competing paparazzi photographers, and recently he stopped for a solid five minutes to discuss a few topics, including his appreciations for those same paparazzi members.

Among musing on the hypocrisy of humanity, he expresses his gratefulness for what the media has done for him. He names his wife Kim Kardashian and the rest of his family for backing him up amid his campaign of “truth, truth, truth” over the past few weeks. He goes further, “I really appreciate you guys. Cause you guys keep me alive. You, the paparazzi, you keep me alive. Cause you keep me relevant. They can’t stop my voice. They can say what they want on the news channel, but I can just talk directly to you.”

‘Ye makes a salient point here, because for so many years news outlets were the only way artists could reach their fans besides the actual art they make. Now, Kanye can post his truths on Twitter and speak to paparazzi who will take his voice and post it in mostly unadulterated form for fans and haters alike to view. There’s power to that. Check out the whole video below.