In case the voyeuristic 10-minute video wasn't enough for you, Kanye West has now made his controversial "Famous" video into an art exhibit, bringing the wax figures, bed-and-all to the Blum & Poe gallery in Los Angeles. A series of snaps Kim Kardashian shared yesterday provided a first look at the installation, which appears exactly as it did in the music video, set up for art-lovers to take a closer look.

If you've seen the clip, you should know what to expect, but Kim's snaps do provide a better perspective on what the wax figures actually look like stripped of the stylish presentation of the official video. Kanye, who is currently on his Saint Pablo tour, was not in attendance at the set-up but he was overseeing things via a video call.

Check out the Snaps below and photos from the event in the above gallery.