The NFL is facing another scandal after a Kansas City Chiefs player was reportedly arrested Father's Day Weekend. Earlier this year, the team lost out on being the Super Bowl champions after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers secured that spot, but Kansas City is still one of the most respected squads in the league. News broke that defensive end Frank Clark was arrested over the weekend in Los Angeles after authorities claimed they located a submachine gun inside of his vehicle.

CNN reportedly spoke with a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson who detailed the interaction between Clark and authorities.

"Yesterday at about 9:20 p.m., Mr. Clark was pulled over in the area of Grand and Adams for a vehicle code violation," the spokesperson reportedly stated yesterday (June 21). "At this time, officers observed a bag with an Uzi sticking out." Clark was said to be in the vehicle with three other people, but it seemed that only Clark was taken into custody.

He was "arrested for allegedly possessing a concealed firearm in a vehicle." After paying a $35K bond, the Super Bowl winner was released from the Los Angeles County Jail in the afternoon. Alex Spiro, the Chief player's attorney, told CNN that the weapon in question wasn't his client's but "belonged to the bodyguard."

The Chiefs haven't yet made an official statement regarding Clark's arrest and the NFL reportedly said they're handling matters in-house.