Kamaru Usman is fresh off of an impressive UFC 235 win against Tyrone Woodley which helped him capture his first ever Welterweight title. Usman became the first African-born UFC fighter to hold the title and is already gearing up for a big fight against Colby Covington, who he has a ton of bad blood with. At the age of 31, Usman is already thinking about what's next for his career and how he plans on eventually retiring from the UFC. During an appearance on Episode 59 of the Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show, Usman said those plans might even involve movies.

The conversation about Usman's post-UFC career starts when the Nigerian fighter explains how he went to a stand-up comedy show for former-MMA fighter Brendan Schaub. Usman tells Rogan, around the 2:30:00 mark, that he was surprised by how good Schaub was and that he's happy to see fighters branching out and doing different things. That's when Usman says that he wants to eventually have multiple revenue streams ("so you don't have to get punched in your face til your 50") and would definitely consider a career in acting.

Citing his African heritage, Usman says that the first movie he'd like to appear in is a sequel to Black Panther. "We should definitely be in that," he says, "whoever is casting for that, hey!" While they both laugh at the idea, the fighter doesn't seem to be joking, saying the director wouldn't need to teach him how to do an African accent since he already has one.

To watch Rogan's entire interview with Usman, check out the video above.