Colby Covington is one of the more detestable figures in the UFC thanks to his obsession with wearing MAGA hats and flaunting his support for President Donald Trump everywhere he goes. During his most recent fight, Covington had Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump sitting ringside which had fans letting off a sea of boos. Covington ended up winning the fight and had some interesting comments after the fight, especially in regards to Kamaru Usman who he thinks is a terrible fighter. Of course, Usman and Covington are on track for a Welterweight title fight and as Usman explained, fans are hoping he does some serious damage to Colby.

"I have over thousands of messages on Instagram of people saying, 'Bro you gotta kill this dude,'" Usman told TMZ. "It's not, 'Beat him.' It's 'Kill this guy. Kill him for us.'"

Usman went on to say that nobody in the UFC likes Covington and that there will be a huge celebration when Kamaru wins there fight which he hopes happens sometime this year.

He's himself 'The People's Champ' but you can't be with the people because the people want to harm you," Usman explained. "You have to walk around with security each and everywhere you go because they want to HARM you, not because they LOVE you."

Who do you think would win a fight between these two?