The political arena is heating up in the U.S. as potential presidential candidates are making their rounds, touring the country to win over constituents from coast-to-coast. A front-runner is lawyer and former Attorney General of California Kamala Harris who is hoping to become the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election.

On Wednesday, Harris spoke at the NAACP Convention in Detroit, Michigan and was asked by moderator April Ryan if Harris was president, how would she go about handling the A$AP Rocky case with Swedish authorities. This question is, of course, directly related to the news that Donald Trump and White House officials have been in contact with the Swedish government in hopes of aiding in Rocky's freedom. 

In the clip, Harris seems uncomfortable with the question and took her time giving a direct answer. “There is no question that this White House has been playing politics with [Trump’s] role of leadership and it has to end,” Harris said. “I am prepared to prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump and there is a rap sheet. We have got to take this case on against Donald Trump and expose it for what it is.”

Ryan was eager to get a solid answer from Harris so she asked, “So you’re saying this is another piece on the rap sheet of Donald Trump? This misuse of power in the A$AP Rocky case?”

“Yes,” Harris replied quietly. "Say it loud," said Ryan. “Yes!” Harris responded. Meanwhile, Trump has tweeted about his involvement in the Rocky case, claiming that he's spoken with the Prime Minister and would pay the rapper's bail if needed. However, the country reportedly doesn't use a bail system.