Kamala Harris was trending on Twitter, once again, and no, it didn't really have to do with politics. It was her choice of footwear. Harris was spotted donning a green parka, jeans, and a pair of Timbs as she hopped off a private jet and into a Suburban as she waved to her supporters. This drew responses from across the board. Many were enthralled at the idea of the next potential VP rocking Timberland boots while New York natives seemingly questioned if they were Timberlands at all.

"Those are NOT Timbs... Even if Timberland made those shoes i as a native NYer must repeat... THOSE ARE NOT TIMBS!" Legendary rapper Masta Ace declared on Twitter.

Many others echoed the sentiment while others accused her of pandering. That, of course, isn't new. Earlier in the year, Harris rocked a pair of Converse sneakers which elicited similar reactions. 

Others, however, expressed their excitement in the fact that Kamala Harris had a bit more swag than other politicians in the race. 

GIFs of Kamala hopping off the jet flooded the timeline but she later shared a photo of herself alongside Gavin Newsom in California following the wildfires across the state rocking these same pair of Timbs. Expressing her gratitude to the firefighters, she shared another post detailing the imminent need to address climate change. Somehow, it was her choice of footwear that got the most attention.