Kamala Harris is currently the Vice Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party, as Joe Biden looks to win the presidency from Donald Trump. Harris has been working hard to campaign for her running mate, and she has also made some ploys to connect to younger voters. For instance, Harris has proclaimed her love of Tupac while also wearing Timberlands coming off of a flight. Needless to say, Harris is trying to show that she's just like the rest of us, and it's all culminated in an appearance on Complex's show "Sneaker Shopping."

In this episode, Harris, and host Joe La Puma went to Social Status in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Harris stressed the need to support black-owned businesses. Of course, Social Status is one of these businesses given that it is owned by James Whitner, who has helped turn the store into a beacon of the community.

"Part of what Joe and I are saying is we are going to intentionally focus on minority-owned businesses around getting low-interest loans and access to capital," Harris said. "So they can grow like what [James Whitner] has done. Because we don't lack for creative ideas. We don't lack for innovation. We lack access to capital."

Harris also got to speak at length about her love of Converse and how she was told to change out of a pair of Chuck Taylor's after wearing them on the Senate floor. She then got to speak about James Whitner's Social Status x Nina Chanel Converse Chuck Taylor which features a unique design, as well as some pins that urge people to vote all while displaying unity.

The Senator ended up purchasing a pair while also donating another 21 pairs to Johnson C. Smith University.