With years under her belt in the industry, Kamaiyah knows firsthand what it takes to make it as a woman in the rap game. The Bay Area artist has kept a relatively low profile as it pertains to beefs with other artists, aside from that hiccup with former friend Kehlani, and while she doesn't seem to have any outward issues with her fellow rappers, Kamaiyah doesn't believe she needs to get along with everyone. She recently sat down with No Jumper and discussed the idea of female artists being united and at peace when the same isn't expected for her male counterparts.

Kamaiyah, Women in Rap, Sisterhood
Tommaso Boddi / Stringer / Getty Images

"Literally, last week I had an interview with—I don't know what the f*ck it was, it was a magazine—and I told them, like, y'all put these unrealistic standards on women, right," the rapper said. "When y'all try to force us to fuckin' kumbaya and hold hands and turn in f*ckin' circles...y'all not tellin' all the men that they gotta form *ckin' brother circles. Why the f*ck do women gotta have f*ckin' sister circles? We all not gon' like each other. That's just realistic, you feel me."

"You gon' get people who gon' pretend like they like you 'cause they feel like that's what they have to do," Kamaiyah added. "I don't never wanna be that type of person because I feel like, if I don't f*ckin' like you, I don't f*ckin' like you. That's what I told them, 'cause it's like, y'all can't keep forcing that on women... 'So many females now, I just love the sisterhood and the unity' and it's not realistic. A lot of people don't like each other but they're not gonna come out and be like, 'I don't f*ck with her,' because if they say that they don't f*ck with her, guess what? Now she's a hater, she's this, she's f*ckin' up the unity amongst everybody. They just be on some bullsh*t, man."

She added that audiences encourage men to beef with one another, but when it comes to women having the same animosity, they're condemned for breaking down the "sisterhood." Check out her interview in full below.