It was a reunion of sorts on Sway in the Morning after Oakland natives Kamaiyah and Sway Calloway reminisced on their days in the Bay Area. After Kamaiyah talked about raking in the dough as a teen while shooting dice on the block, Sway asked the Got It Made rapper about the September 2019 incident that left her behind bars. There were reports that Kamaiyah discharged a firearm in a movie theater, but she cleared the air once and for all.

Kamiayah Shooting
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Kamaiyah said that the media made things out to be more than they were. "They took that the wrong way," she told Sway. "People will see me, they see my philanthropy and all the stuff, and the moment that a situation like that happen they make it seem like I'm not the same person that was just out her donating money to the Boys and Girls Club."

As a public figure, Kamaiyah said he has to protect herself so she legally obtained a firearm. "What happened was, somebody had my gun and brung it back to me and the safety wasn't on," she said. She and her friends were inside her apartment building's private screening room at the time. The group was enjoying an episode of Power when Kamaiyah decided to check the gun's safety. Unexpectedly, Kamiayh said the gun went off. The security cameras caught everything.

"That's all that happened," the rapper added. "They made it seem like I walked in the movie theater, watching a movie, and shot the motherf*cker. C'mon man. What kind of sense does that even make?" Watch Kamaiyah's interview with Sway in the Morning below.